Skin and Laser Treatments


Fraxel is a general term used to describe laser treatments that use thermal columns of heat to break down collagen in a fraction of an area to minimize downtime.

Fractional laser technology has become the new “gold” standard similar to the brand recognition we understand to imply luxury, quality, and results like that of Tiffany, Ferrari and Apple. Patients use the term fraxel interchangeably with many brand name specific lasers, so that fractional is the generic term. At our practice, we have four different types of ‘fraxel’ in Clear & Brilliant, Subaltive Fractional RF, C02 Fractional and brand new on the scene Pico Way Resolve 3-D Holographic Fractional.

Who is a canidate? I would recommend Fraxel for patients seeking treatment for:

  • Sun damage, dark spots (pigment) Pico Way and Pico Way Resolve 3-D Fractional or Clear & Brilliant
  • Skin texture (sagging, crepy skin) Sublative Fractional RF and C02Fractional
  • Wrinkles (fine lines) any or all of the four options we have
  • Acne scarring (ice pick, box car scars, etc) C02 Fractional or Sublative Fractional RF for patients of color.

Advanced Medical Peels

All of our Peels take approx. 30 minutes to complete

Skin Care